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What are HR Professionals Looking for in a Resume?

Presenter: Nathalie H. Thompson
Date: Wednesday, 28 June 2017, 2-3 PM EDT

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Your resume is an advertisement for you. In the marketing world, it would be a piece of “collateral.” Your resume needs to clearly communicate to the reader your product, features, benefits and supporting evidence.

Preparing and writing your résumé is a key step in preparing to interview. The process of writing a targeted, market-ready résumé ensures that you have identified:

  • Your desired position, companies and industries
  • The key knowledge, skills, abilities and experience required for your desired position
  • Key accomplishments—results and impacts you have made, actions you have taken and knowledge and abilities you have demonstrated
  • Being able to articulate your key accomplishments during an interview is critical to demonstrating your qualifications for a position.

Résumés get interviews, interviews get job offers

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